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If you know of anymore sites
Let me know so others may share!!
Thank you to those who have shared already.

Virtual links

Keep sending them in ;)

Make a Wish Friends Why we have Friends
Love My Friend Sweetie
HUGS My Friend Smile
Circle of Friends Rose Life
Oh My VooDoo Love Tag
Thanl YOu Magic Buttons Greetings
Fun Friendship Poems and Quotes A Soldier
The Bird Nest
Hug 4all Peace Letter of friendship
Hug Coupon Somebunny Hugz and Kisses
Pretty Women Lots of Hugs Picked Flowers :)
Flower Kiss Rose
Bear Hug Hug War Make a Wish
Just for you Thinking about You ABC's Of Friendship
MY Friend Special Rose Cyber Friend
Greetings Because I care Easter
Easter Bunny Easter!! Easter Friend
Easter Surprise Easter Message Rose!
EASTER I have Learned Miss You
Tag Jump For Joy Smile
My best Friend Web Kiss MY Friends
I Care Cute Hug Freanch Kiss
Friends in Love *S* Tap Dat ?
Wet Willy
Freindship Friends Moons
Tickle Elmo Greetings Ahh..YeSs
Nude Friends without Faces Scoopy
Love'n Kiss (((HUG))) Cute Kids
"Pounced" Hunny Good Friend
Chataholic friendship continuous Snow ball
Wegie Pinched Idiot
Love Bites Flasher The Mensroom
*Flash* Pushing Buttons Technology
Bart Moon Woopee Cushion Punch
Nurse WARNING Excuse Me *blush*
Cybersex Addicted Naked Women
Bobit Rub two sticks Sex chart

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Debbie's Greetings Sonics Creations

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Or you can Email me anytime
Love to get smiles and hugs
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